Digital Marketing and Social Media

The Link Between Digital Marketing and Social Media

We already talked about how digital marketing means to your business. If you want to stay competitive or simply build awareness about your brand to an extended range of customers or audience, you need it, no arguments. But learning the basics of it isn’t enough, should you really want to take it a step further and eventually take advantage of its benefits, you need to know more. For one, it is imperative to figure out the link between digital marketing and one of its major components, social media.

social mediaFor starters, social media is an all-important tool in online marketing as a whole because it is a great avenue for tracking customer responses and feedback, spurring inbound traffic and links, as well as establish authority by way of building relationships with existing clients. With the help of a digital marketing company, any business or brand without prior experience in internet marketing can make its presence felt in social media.

In the simplest explanation possible, social media is directly linked to digital marketing for the reason that the former improves the chances of success in the latter. As a matter of fact, there are very few digital marketing strategies out there which carry more relevance and weight than social media. The premise that social media is nothing but a tool for personal connection for friends and families is no longer accurate and is in fact incorrect. Today, many platforms are designed to be very commercial in nature, or at least it they offer businesses and brands to use their sites to build presence as a business entity, not a person or private individual.

Today, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn come equipped with numerous digital marketing benefits, all of which you must personally know and learn how to incorporate in your own campaign.

Obtaining Brand Information and Customer Intel

Prospective customers or clients who are in one way or another interested in what you’re offering will be paying close attention to what your business’ social media accounts are doing. As a matter of fact, they will use the comments sections in your account to voice out their feedback, reviews, or even complaints. They also can rate your products, upload video responses, or simply like or dislike your post. Therefore, thee more active your profile is in a specific social media platform, the more you get reactions from people. That way, you’re already building a relationship with those who potentially are going to be your clients in the near future.

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Improvement in Search Engine Optimization

Because you’re doing a lot of things in social media, it means you’re raising awareness and appreciation for your brand. And as a result of that, there is a much bigger chance for third party websites to share or link to you. The increase in inbound links in turn is an obvious plus for your hope of getting to first page on Google.

But more importantly, the role of social media in digital marketing is greatly appreciated in terms of building some kind of personal link to customers. Because consumers create and set up social media accounts for their own personal benefit, your way of reaching out to them through those accounts will create the impression that you are someone who wants to build a genuine friendly relationship with them, not just sell or offer something.